Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Open Letter to our Enemy...BOTOX

Dear Botox,

I hate you.  That's right.  I said it...hate.  Such a strong word, I know.

The first time you worked great and you tricked us.  But the next time you did not.

You, you horrible poisoned my daughter and wreaked havoc on her already delicate system.  You made it so that she could not do the most basic thing...swallow and eat.  You tried to hide behind a little cold.  Behind a growth spurt.  Behind her disorder.  Behind underlying conditions that might have been the cause.  But we have found you out.  We now know that it WAS you.  It IS you.

Because after exactly 6 months, she is better.  She can eat again.  She can swallow.

Now you are gone...for good.  Out of her system.  You, you little poisonous vile are history.  Never to be used again in our family or in our friends.

Good riddance!

You tried to ruin her.  To ruin us.  But you cannot.  We are stronger than you.

She passed her swallow study yesterday with flying colors and will begin to enjoy all types of food thanks to you!

I can only hope that other moms and families and doctors will learn from this and start to consider the possibility that you can leave destruction in your wake.  At least maybe next time, the doctor will warn the families that you can be dangerous.

See ya.

A very very relieved mom

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  1. We had looked into Botox to decrease the drooling, but fortunately we ran into roadblocks of doctors referring us around - no one wanted to do it. Then this happened to Hailey. So glad your long nightmare is over! Bon appetit, Hailey.